About us

 Hi! My name is Gisela and I am the owner of Gixi Couture. Having my own store and being my own boss is like a dream. It all started back in 2,013 as a hobby and little by little I realized that it was something that I love, and finally I founded Gixi in 2016. Gixi brings trendy and affordable styles to the fashion and home online businesses. Our mission is to celebrate all shapes, sizes, and tastes, so whether you are shopping dresses, bottoms, tops, jewelry, accessories, or home decor, we want you to feel especial and beautiful in your own skin no matter your size, shape or age.

Our top priority is to offer quality products, fast shipping, and communication. We are featuring women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home products from small and large brands. We dedicate big part of our time to find the perfect distributor for our Gixi girls. 

We think that giving back is something that every single one should do. Here in Gixi, you are not only supporting a dream and a small family, your are being part of Gixi in supporting animals in need. 10% of our net profit is being donated to any sanctuary, animal shelter, or farm in USA. Because working hand to hand with God and the Universe, we can go further in life with our dreams.

We hope you love Gixi as much as we do and have an amazing experience with us.